My name is Natasha Hastings. I am originally from the Hempstead/Uniondale area of Long Island. I’ve gone on to compete for Team USA and Under Armour in the Olympics and several World Championships.

   I’m currently putting together an event on October 28th, for girls ages 12-18, at St. Anthony's High School. Particularly for girls in sport, that may be looking to connect with women that have been through similar situations in life. Having dealt with body image and self worth issues myself, I put together a curriculum to help empower young women coming up through sport. The idea here was to create a safe space to engage in conversation about the challenges of being a woman in sport, while also discussing the many doors that have been opened for us through sport. One of the featured panelist, Alison Desir, talks about how Run has helped her to overcome depression.

   I also think it’s worth mentioning that the girls will be receiving a new pair of Under Armour shoes, a take home curriculum, and many other goodies from other sponsors.