Long Island Athletes Excel at USATF Junior Olympic Championships

Long Island youths had a great weekend of competition at the USATF National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships.

Here are some highlights from the event.

  • Katie Michta of Walk USA won the 17-18 Women's 3,000m Race Walk with a time of 15:23.06. Allison McConville also from Walk USA placed 6th (16:47.99).
  • In the 13-14 Girl's 3,000m Race Walk, Julia Pollina placed 17th (21:34.16).
  • Monkia Farmer and Katharine Newhoff, both from Walk USA, placed 4th (16:01.67) and 5th (16:03.04) respectively in the 15-16 Girl's 3,000m Race Walk.
  • Also in the 3,000m Race Walk, Elias Saether from Team Sports Center, placed 9th (20:12.26) in the 15-16 Boys Division.
  • Over in the field events, Eric Sheng placed 2nd in the Boys 15-16 Division of the Hammer Throw with a throw of 55.18m (181')
  • Also in the Hammer, Sean Ryan placed 3rd in the 17-18 Men's Division with a 60.41m (198' 2") throw. While Joseph Segreto from Foundation Track Club placed 20th (47.49m {155'10"}).
  • Faith Penny won the 15-16 Girls High Jump with a phenomenal clearance at 1.70m (5'7), breaking the current LI age record of 1.55m.
  • Jamie Grossman blazed through the finish line, finishing 1st in the Girls 15-16 1500m with fantastic time of 4:43.70 also breaking a LI age record. Jamie also placed 2nd in the 3000m with another LI record breaking time of 10:25.54.
  • Also in the 3000m, Catherine Farrell placed 8th in the Girls 11-12 Division with a LI record breaking time of 10:42.98, and Ryan Corbett placed 26th in the Boy's 13-14 Division with a time of 10:25.26.
  • Over in the sprints, Stephanie Weiner placed 15th in the Girls 7-8 Division of the 100m Dash with a time of 15.60 sec.
  • John Putnam, placed 2nd in the 15-16 Division of the Javelin with an outstanding throw of 50.79m (166' 8").

All Long Island Perfomances

Place Name Division Event Performance Club
17 Julia Pollins G 13-14 3000M RW                21:34.16 Unattach
4* Monika Farmer G 15-16 3000M RW 16:01.67 Walk USA
5* Katherine Newhoff G 15-16 3000M RW 16:03.04 Walk USA
1* Katie Michta W 17-18 3000M RW 15:23.06 Walk USA
6* Allison McConville W 17-18 3000M RW 16:47.99 Walk USA
9 Elias Saether B 15-16 3000M RW 20:12.26 Team Sports Center
2* Eric Sheng B 15-16 Hammer Throw 55.18m Unattach
3* Ryan Sean M 17-18 Hammer Throw 60.41m Unattach
20 Joseph Segreto M 17-18 Hammer Throw 47.49m Foundation TC
17 Katherine Paul, Emily Kaplan, Jamie Grossman, Keri Grossman G 15-16 4x800 10:53.41 Foundation TC
1** Jamie Grossman G 15-16 1500M 4:43.70 Foundation TC
15 Stephanie Weiner G 7-8 100M 15.60 Central Islip PAL
41 Christopher Baer B 7-8 100M Prelim 16.04 Central Islip PAL
5* Laurel Fisher G 15-16 2000M Steeple 7:54.04 Unattach
2* Lauren Fontana W 17-18 2000M Steeple 7:41.04 Unattach
33 Britany Hurst G 15-16 Pole Vault 2.60m Warehouse PV
-- Emily Taylor G 13-14 Pole Vault NH Warehouse PV
-- Oliver Hendricks B 13-14 Pole Vault NH Warehouse PV
53 Tristan Bevans W 17-18 100M HH Prelim 16.56 Unattach
25 Corey Murphy M 17-18 Shot Put 15.00m Unattach
20 Faith Penny G 15-16 Triple Jump 10.81m Foundation TC
36 Tristan Bevans W 17-18 Triple Jump 10.69m Unattach
43 Corey Murphy M 17-18 Discus 40.08m Unattach
44 Nolani Kennedy-White G 11-12 Discus 13.87m Unattach
38 Melissa Greaves G 15-16 400M Prelim 60.22 Foundation TC
8* Catherine Farrell G 11-12 3000M 10:42.98 Team Sports Center
2** Jamie Grossman G 15-16 3000M 10:25.54 Foundation TC
26 Ryan Corbett B 13-14 3000M 10:25.26 Unattach
1** Faith Penny G 15-16 High Jump 1.70m Foundation TC
45 Katie Kumpas W 17-18 Javelin 9.83m Unattach
2* John Putnam B 15-16 Javelin 50.79m Foundation TC
36 Christopher Baer B 7-8 Long Jump 2.65m Central Islip PAL
24 Melissa Greaves,  
Jamie Grossman, Katherine Paul,     
Emiy Kaplan
G 15-16 4x400 Prelim 4:11.08 Foundation TC
31 Nicholas Robertson B 7-8 800m 3:13.44 Team Sports Center
  * -   All-American        
  ** - LITF Record