So You Think You Have A USATF Long Island Record

Association track and field records are kept for all USATF Long Island Championship events conducted on Long Island. Association Records indicate the best time/distance for that event for all youth, open and master categories. Association records are automatically kept for all USATF Long Island Championship Meets. Individual USATF Long Island members or their coaches may apply for an Association record if their performance was made at ANY USATF sanctioned event. Road event records (LDR & RW) must have been set on USATF certified and sanctioned courses. Race Walk events must be limited to race walkers only, and must be officiated according to USATF Rule 230.1(h).

To apply for a YOUTH RECORD complete the Youth Record Submission Form.
To apply for a YOUTH RELAY RECORD complete the Youth Relay Record Submission Form

To apply for a record the individual athlete or coach can send the following information to the respective Committee Chair:

  1. Athlete's name:
  2. Club:
  3. USATF membership number:
  4. Athlete's date of birth:
  5. Event:
  6. Age Group:
  7. Mark:
  8. Name of competition:
  9. Date of competition:
  10. Location of competition:
  11. For race walks, the name of the Chief Race Walk Judge:
  12. Details of current record being replaced:

USATF Long Island Road Records are kept for all USATF Long Island Championship events held on Long Island. The USATF Long Island Road Championship events are the One Mile, 5K, 8K,10K, 15K, 1/2 marathon, marathon, and 50K.

USATF Long Island Race Walk Road Records are kept for all USATF Long Island Championship Race Walk events. Performances at these Championship events are automatically kept and updated each year. Road Running Records are kept for the Open Division and all Master categories. Race Walk records are kept for Open and Masters only.

Committee Chairs: