2012 Olympian Maria Michta

Chair: Maryann Harvey
Vice Chair: Jim McGrath
Consultant: Gary Westerfield

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Long Island has an active program which has produced some of the country's finest race walkers, including many Olympians, dating back to the 1960s. Walk-USA's Maria Michta completed the 20k in London at the 2012 Olympic Games in 1:32:27.00, the fastest time of any female U.S. Olympic race walker.

Dave McGovern and Gary Westerfield are world-renowned coaches and authors. The professionally designed course at the Dennison Building office complex in Hauppauge is the site of weekly workouts as well as national and international championships.

Walk-USA hosts group workouts (open to all) every Monday, beginning Dec. 16 untill further notice, at the rear of the Dennison Building at 6:00 PM. Contact Gary Westerfield for details.

World Class Racewalking also conducts free workouts (and instruction for beginners) Wednesdays at 6 PM at Friends Academy in Locust Valley. Contact Dave McGovern for details.

Most USATF-LI track and field meets and sanctioned road races contain race walks or race walk divisions. Please check the calendar.

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Race Walk News and Results
1/31/17 - Lauren Harris Shatters 1500m Race Walk National Record
10/6/16 USATF Open 30Km & Junior 20Km Race Walk Championships
9/18/16 - USATF 10K Race Walk Championships
2/7/16 - USATF Long Island Indoor Association Track & Field Championships: Y - O/M
1/17/16 - USATF Long Island Indoor Track Series Meet #3
1/2/16 - USATF Long Island Indoor Track Series Meet #2
12/27/15 - USATF Long Island Indoor Track Series Meet #1
12/22/15 - Dave McGovern Qualifies for Record 8th Olympic Trials
11/8/15 - USATF East Region & USATF Long Island 10 km Championships

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